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Leah and Xavier have been friends for close to 20 years… If you ask Xavier it feels like twice that long since Leah’s been bossing him around. So when the opportunity arose to start their own Food Truck, serving the traditional cuisine of Xavier’s home country Venezuela – the almighty Arepa – it was a chance for Xavier to finally become the “Boss!"

As head chef Xavier is excited to bring the Arepa to the streets of Calgary. He’s perfected some of the most popular traditional offerings such as Reina Pepiada (“Beauty Queen”), a zesty chicken salad filling, and introduced “Canadian fusion" arepas focused on BBQ pork sausage and BBQ spicy chicken sausage.

Feeling saucy?  Then you need to try our savoury guasacaca (“wah-sa-kaka”), a healthy and delicious sauce that works on just about anything!  Seriously just try it.

As CEO (Chief Everything Else Officer) Leah is also thrilled to be a part of this adventure. Living so many years with a Venezuelan, Arepas have become a part of her daily life. Along with Latin music, dance parties and putting up with a bizarre sense of humour (at least from her Canadian perspective). She has yet to master the Spanish language, outside of being fluent in a few of the more “colourful” phrases, she does have a goal to one day say “yo hablo español muy bien”.

Leah and Xavier are passionate about creating an incredible experience for their customers, delivering amazing food in a fun and relaxed environment. They know it’s their job to ensure every customer is delighted with the food and the service and make it a point to visit them again.

Leah and Xavier are also passionate about giving back to the Calgary community. On an ongoing basis Leah and Xavier donate a portion of their profits to Project P.A.L.  This amazing not for profit volunteer run organization helps people and animals in need throughout southern Alberta.

These two amigos look forward to serving you and welcome all feedback to continually improve their menu and their service.


Feel free to send us a message or call us at: 403-836-4888.

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