Arepa Boss donates a portion of arepa sales to Project P.A.L. Prevent a Litter.

Animals can have amazing healing powers. As pets they are members of our families.  Sometimes they are our best friend. And for some their pet is what keeps them going when times are difficult. What would it feel like to have to surrender your animal because you could no longer afford to feed and care for it? For many in this situation the impact is devastating.

Project P.A.L. was started to reduce this from happening in our community and Arepa Boss is proud to partner with this amazing charity.

Beginning in 2014 a group of volunteers have been dedicating their time to help street kids, Veterans, people supported by AISH (assured income for the severely handicapped) and low income individuals and their pets in Calgary. They provide donated food and litter to the owners of these pets. They deliver supplies to the community offices for distribution and also drive around making sure the pets have booties, coats, blankets and food.

Project P.A.L offers spay/neutering and other medical attention the pets may need. They have great confidence in the veterinary clinics they work with as the staff display tremendous compassion for these pet owners and their animals. Project P.A.L.’s  philosophy is that every animal has the right to life.  Project P.A.L. helps families and individuals keep their pets rather than surrendering them. The stories of those helped by Project P.A.L are numerous, and many of the people they have helped become volunteers so they can also give back to others in need.

Leah and Xavier have been long time supporters of animal welfare causes.  When they decided to start this venture it was the intention that they would choose a community partner to benefit from their business success.  They are blessed to have met Angela and the other volunteers at Project P.A.L to understand the amazing work that is being done well below the radar of public awareness.

We want to help raise awareness and provide funding to assist Project P.A.L. help as many people and animals in need as possible.  Will you help us make this happen?

For more information on Project P.A.L visit http://projectpreventalitter.ca/ and like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/projectpalpreventalitter/.